User Guide

StreamZero SX User Guide.

StreamZero SX Management UI

Create a Stream Adapter

After a developer has built an image of a stream processing task and stored it to a container register, we can configure and launch it with StreamZero Management UI.

On left side menu, open Stream Adapters menu and select “Stream Adapter Definition”. Fill in the details.


Go to the “List Stream Adapters” page. You should find your the Stream Adapter that we created on the list. You can start the container by clicking the “Run”-button. The download and start-up of the image can take few minutes.


When the Stream Adapter is running you can find it in the list of running adapters.


StreamZero also has a list of all the Kafka topics that are currently attached to Stream Adapters or available to Stream Adapters.


Last modified September 4, 2023: mobile fix (c3370e3)