STREAMZERO K8X enables event-driven Kubernetes. Build, deploy and manage polyglot event-driven microservices to create service flows for data ingestion, AI/ML, data governance, cloud auditing, deploy on demand - practically anything.

Event Driven Kubernetes

StreamZero K8X brings event driven workflow automation to Kubernetes. Build service flows spanning multiple containers and languages with ease. Optimise the resource usage of your Kubernetes cluster. Fully managed in a single UI.



Edge Adapters source events, convert them into CloudEvents and publish them to Kafka. FX provides support for many sources out of the box. Additional sources can be added by adding a suitable Edge Adapter.


Consumes CloudEvents, identifies the containers to be launched based on Event-Container mappings, and launches containers with appropriate parameters, configs and secrets injected into container.


Containers are launched and monitored by K8X Hub. Containers may run code in any language. Images are retrieved from the local image registry. Containers have the parameters and configurations injected into them by K8X.


Events Sources may be event streams (such as Kafka, AWS SQS, Azure Event Grid, Google Pub Sub, Minio Notifications, Debezium) or incoming Web Hooks.
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Seamlessly Integrated

StreamZero K8X and FX are seamlessly integrated - for maximum efficiency.

Just 2 Files to Deploy and Link Kubernetes Services to Event Driven Magic

Seamlessly handle flows across K8X-Polyglot Services and FX-Python Services

View Service Detailed Logs of Pods and Service Executions

Monitor Runs and Flows with Ease. Integrated Metrics Collections and Analytics. Manual as well as Programattic Retries.


StreamZero is an Integrated Platform, you do not require any 3rd party tools to deploy, monitor and manage services.



Develop and Test in the IDE of your choice.

All platform features are available from a single library learnable in a single hour! No platform specific flow annotations just a simple manifest.

Simulate almost all platform features on your desktop. And set up your local environment in less that 10 minutes.


Deploy with just a simple push to git and a sync from the integrated UI.

Fully integrated GitOps deployment with no requirement for other tools

Rewire flows and add or update services with ZERO downtime.

Run multiple versions of same service for A/B testing.



View execution status and flows within UI, along with execution times, starts, ends, logs..

Be alerted on Service failure.

Temporarily de-activate a single service or maintain skip lists for multiple services.

Support service optimisation by keeping track of running averages of slowest services, most failing service etc.

Feature Rich

Yet designed for everyday usability.

Our platforms are designed to serve as Enterprise Development Platforms with multiple teams and divergent use cases

Role based authentication, multi-project support, secrets management, aggregated logging, programmatic retries, automated and programatic re-prioritization, cross-network eventing, execution log archiving ...

All features engineered based on decades of project experience.

Powered by Kubernetes

All platform infrastructure runs on Kubernetes. Giving you the possibility to scale on demand. Each layer of the stack is designed to scale indpendently of the others.

Run Millions of Executions

Events are transported through Kafka and profit from the resilience of Kafka - Enabling event and execution throughputs of Millions of executions per day day in and day out. If the underlying infrastructure can support it.

Easily Scalable Executors

Executors run in easily scalable clusters which are further subdivided by priority lanes.

Serverless Executions

Allows services to run as launch-on-event containers, enabling dynamic scaling and cost-efficient execution without the need for dedicated server management.

Streaming Inputs

Add edge adapter to stream the input - Apache Kafka, Apache Pulsar, Apache Spark, AWS Event Bridge, Twitter ....

Database Inputs

Over 40 SQLAlchemy powered DB integrations. Google BigQuery, AWS RedShift, Apache Hive, Clickhouse, Postgres...

Storage Inputs

Amazon S3, HDFS, Minio, NFS, Google Cloud Storage, Azure Cloud Storage...

GitOps-Driven Deployment and Configuration

Employs a GitOps approach for deployment and configuration, leveraging Git repositories as the source of truth for system states, facilitating automated, traceable, and efficient change management.

Stream Aggregated Logs, Events and Notifications

All logs are streamed to Kafka just as we do with events. Purpose built adapters take care of feeding them into storage such as Elasticsearch, Splunk, Clickhouse, HDFS or AWS S3.

Monitoring Dashboards

Use the Management dashboard to view the health of your system. Identify slow running executions and fix them easily. Get notified on failure. View precise execution time of each step within a service. Identify new code running on platform and who esecuted them.

Trouble Ticketing Integrations

Auto-generate trouble tickets on failure. Integrate with your ticketing system of choice - after all it is just a service away.

Long-Term Log Storage Integration

Facilitates integration with platforms like Splunk and Elasticsearch for long-term log storage, allowing for advanced analysis and insights from historical data.

Role-Based Access Control

Efficiently manage security configurations by user role and sub-projects and with syncronisation to group managements in LDAP or ActiveDirectory.


All actions are aggregated and ready to ingest into the audit system of choice - Elasticsearch, Splunk, ObjectStorage.


Fully integrated with KeyCloak the de-facto standard in authentication gateways. Integrate with your enterprise authentication, easily.

Secrets Storage

In-built secrets storage to save your applications secrets. Support for secrets at service, project and platform level.

Environment Isolation

Each Service runs in it's own environment - with it's own dedicated context.

Selective Payload Encryption

Payload attributes can be encrypted such that only selected services can decrypt.

Service Collections / Projects

Groups services into distinct Projects. Each with it's own distinct team and roles. Allowing you to run multiple use cases with distinct teams or suppliers on a unified platform.

Micro-UIs for Business Users

Attach forms to services to trigger executions - so business users can trigger on demand executions. Forms are generated from JSON definitions. Create forms in minutes.

Project Specific Dashboards

Each project has it's own sets of dashoards for monitoring - enabling each team to monitor their own services.

API Gateway

Offers a unified entry point for all API calls, simplifying API management and monitoring.

Use Normal IDE

Use your normal IDE to create Services code.

Single Library Access to Platform Features

All platform features are available from a single powerful library - a low learning curve.

No Code Orchestration and Configuration

Orchestration and configuration are managed external to code and by each service. No complex DAG design.

Push to Deploy

Fully GitOps based. Push code to Git and Sync at a click of a button to deploy.

Advanced Features Made Simple

Complex features such as execution retries, state management and payload encryption are a single line of code away.

Specification First or Code First Documentation

Services and platform documentation are created on the fly by platform based on running services. But you can also build specification first with OpenAPI and AsyncAPI support for code generation.