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Kubectl Unleashed

Imperative commands are a powerful tool for day-to-day Kubernetes Operations, but their range is not well known. We collected a set of 300+ commands to get you started.

The Power of Event-Driven Architectures

In this manifesto we examine the power of event driven systems. While real-time processing is an undeniable strength of event-driven architectures, their capabilities extend far beyond.

DeepLearning VM in Google Cloud

Creating a DeepLearning VM in Google Cloud with Terraform. In this article we show you how we setup on-demand Deep Learning VMs in Google Cloud with Terraform.

Kafka Diagnostics in Kubernetes

When diagnosing issues with Kafka running in a Kubernetes cluster, it can be useful to run diagnostic tools directly within the cluster. We demonstrate an approach using kcat as a temporary pod.

100 Kubernetes Diagnostics Commands with Kubectl

Here is a list of 100 kubectl commands that can be useful for diagnosing issues in a Kubernetes cluster. These were prepared as a study aid for my CKAD exams with the help of ChatGPT.

Message Delivery in Kafka with Multiple Partitions

In this post we take a look at how we can ensure 'nearly even' distribution of messages across consumers which are part of a consumer group. A challenge which we often face with event driven microservices.




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