Unleash the power of event-driven microservices to build and operate service flows for data ingestion, machine learning, policy management, cloud auditing, deploy on demand - practically anything. StreamZero empowers you to rapidly develop and manage stream-based applications and microservices.

Our Solutions

StreamZero Solutions are pre-packaged services for getting you started

STREAMZERO ZX brings SaaS automation into the inside of your enterprise.

This integration opens a world of possibilities for businesses looking to bridge the gap between external and internal automation seamlessly. We have started with Zapier and are incrementally integrating other automation tools.

STREAMZERO K8X is designed to enable event driven Kubernetes - accelerate the creation of polyglot event-driven microservices.

Designed for powering event-driven service flows in polyglot environments - launch, link, monitor and manage on-demand containers on Kubernetes - use any mix of languages.

STREAMZERO SX(Beta) is our platform designed to accelerate the development and operations of data stream processing.

Deploy, monitor, manage and scale stream processing applications for data such as stock trades, ioT, audit logs and clickstream data. Filter anomalises and trigger microservices.


We have done the heavy lifting, so you dont have to.


We are uncompromising in our pursuit for SIMPLICITY. Within a single hour you can learn how to build and deploy robust, cross-cloud, event-driven, containerised services with 100s of integrations.


DevOps and CI/CD should not get in the way - our platforms handle deployment and management. Additively evolve your solutions with ZERO Downtime and ZERO Deployment overhead.


Evolved in the engine rooms of Big Data and FinTech, StreamZero packages hyper-scalability practices within the platform. Ensuring you are ready to scale from Day One.



Imagine an e-commerce platform that wants to gain insights into user behavior, such as products viewed, items added to cart, and purchases made. The platform aims to provide real-time analytics to its vendors, enabling them to make timely decisions based on current trends.

In a conventional system, user actions might be logged to a database or sent to an analytics tool in batches. This batch processing can introduce delays, meaning vendors might only get updates every few hours or even once a day. Moreover, scaling such systems can be challenging, especially during peak shopping times.

With StreamZero's event-driven approach, every user action on an e-commerce platform, from viewing a product to adding it to the cart, triggers a real-time event.

StreamZero captures and processes these events instantly, ensuring scalability as user interactions grow.

This real-time processing allows for immediate insights and reactions, such as updating dashboards or sending targeted offers. The system's decoupled nature ensures resilience, and its flexibility allows for seamless integration of new features or analytics tools.

DEMO COMING SOON : Connecting StreamZero with Shopify.

Imagine a company that manages a vast cloud infrastructure, hosting services for multiple clients. They need to ensure optimal resource allocation, quick response to issues, and efficient scaling based on demand.

In a conventional setup, infrastructure monitoring might rely on periodic checks or manual oversight. This can lead to delayed responses to issues, underutilized resources, or potential service disruptions during high demand.

StreamZero's event-driven approach to cloud infrastructure management captures real-time events, such as traffic spikes or server downtimes.

This allows for immediate processing and response, ensuring optimal resource allocation and system health. As the infrastructure's complexity and scale grow, StreamZero remains efficient and responsive.

The decoupled architecture ensures system resilience, and its flexibility allows for the seamless integration of new cloud services or tools.

DEMO COMING SOON : Event Enabling Terraform in a Day.

Imagine a media company that produces vast amounts of audio and video content daily. To make this content accessible and searchable, they rely on transcription services. Integrating AI-supported transcription can speed up this process, ensuring content is quickly available with accurate transcriptions.

Traditionally, transcription might be done manually or batch-processed using AI tools, leading to potential delays in content availability and a lag in addressing transcription inaccuracies or issues.

StreamZero's event-driven approach instantly captures and processes audio or video content uploads using AI-driven transcription. As content volume grows, StreamZero scales seamlessly.

This real-time processing ensures content is transcribed almost immediately, with AI tools flagging uncertain segments for manual review.

The system's decoupled nature guarantees uninterrupted transcription, even if individual components face challenges. Moreover, StreamZero's adaptability allows for the seamless integration of new transcription tools, languages, or advanced AI models, ensuring the transcription process remains cutting-edge and efficient.

DEMO COMING SOON : Build Your Own Scalable AI-Driven Audio Transcription Service.

Consider a logistics company that wants to provide real-time tracking and updates on shipments for both their clients and end customers. This includes updates on package location, estimated delivery times, and any potential delays or issues.

Traditionally, tracking systems might update at fixed intervals, such as every few hours. This can lead to outdated information, causing frustration for customers and inefficiencies for the logistics company. Additionally, handling sudden changes, like rerouting due to weather conditions, can be cumbersome.

StreamZero expedites logistics tracking by capturing real-time events, such as package scans or truck departures.

As the volume of shipments and tracking events increases, StreamZero scales to handle the data, ensuring timely updates and interventions.

This event-driven approach allows for immediate processing, like sending instant delivery notifications or rerouting packages based on current conditions. The system's modular design ensures resilience and offers flexibility to integrate new logistics features.